5 Excellent Types of Corrugated Boxes You Can Use for Packaging

Safe product delivery is crucial whether you’re a small business or a bustling warehouse. The right corrugated boxes make all the difference. Choosing wisely is vital, whether baked goods, meals, or merchandise. Learn about types and uses here.

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Corrugated Cardboard and Boxes — What Are They?

Corrugated cardboard, or corrugated fiberboard, consists of three layers of kraft paper. Its strength comes from the wavy inner layer, called the corrugated medium. 

This layer undergoes a process to create flutes or folds sandwiched between two outer kraft paper sheets. This structure makes corrugated cardboard significantly more substantial than standard cardboard.

For shipping, you can make a corrugated box from sheets of corrugated cardboard, cut, scored, and folded into various shapes and sizes. You can make it more stable with glue at corners and folds.

Why Use These Boxes?

These fluted boxes offer excellent weight support due to the sturdy flutes between two cardboard layers. This design is vital for shipping and supports food in pizza and takeout boxes. 

The fluted structure ensures durability, protecting items during transportation, while the spaces between flutes provide cushioning and insulation against temperature changes.

What Are the 5 Types of These Boxes?

All corrugated cardboard features a layer of corrugated fluting and at least one liner. Different combinations of fluting and liners create various types of corrugated boxes. 

Here are the five most common types of fluted boxes. 

1. Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

When it comes to boxes, the go-to industry standard is the Regular Slotted Carton (RSC). This versatile box is perfect for packaging and shipping, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

The RSC ensures durability, constructed from a piece with glued, taped, or stitched joins. Its length flaps meet in the middle, providing a secure closure when taped shut.

2. Full Overlap Container (FOL)

The Full Overlap Carton (FOL) is a variation of the regular slotted carton, featuring length flaps that overlap rather than meeting in the middle. This design offers enhanced strength, particularly for stacking purposes. 

The FOL corrugated cardboard box is better for its secure locking bottom and top, making it suitable for heavier products. In some cases, you can stitch it for added reinforcement. 

This type of carton is commonly utilized in industries such as automotive and for transporting heavy machinery.

3. Half-Slotted Container (HSC)

The Half-Slotted Carton resembles a regular slotted carton but lacks flaps at one end. This design makes it ideal for easy insertion of products and display purposes. It’s a one-piece box you can pair with an FTC or tray to serve as a cover or end cap. 

Commonly utilized in the confectionery industry, you can use this open top/bottom corrugated packaging box configuration for displaying consumable products like confectionery goods and point-of-purchase (POP) displays.

4. Die-Cut Container

Die-cut boxes derive their name from a die cutter or die press machine, which you can use to cut corrugated cardboard into various box shapes. 

Unlike Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) boxes, you can make die-cut boxes into a broader range of shapes and styles due to the versatility of the die press.

Die-cut mailer boxes offer the advantage of being tailored to fit your product precisely, potentially reducing shipping costs and eliminating the need for additional packaging materials like foam. 

Additionally, these boxes feature double-padded walls, providing extra protection for the contents during transit.

You can design die-cut custom corrugated boxes with walls that interlock securely, and their lids usually close with a tab. This feature ensures high structural integrity, often requiring less tape than RSC boxes. 

5. Corrugated Mailer

Corrugated shipping mailers and white mailing boxes offer robust yet lightweight packaging solutions that help reduce postage costs. 

These versatile shipping boxes are suitable for a wide range of shipping needs, including mailing small, light, or fragile items and shipping loose items such as clothing.

Utilize these versatile boxes for a range of items, including:

  • Clothing items such as shirts, pants, or shoes
  • Loose electronics or items suitable for packaging in poly bags
  • Shipments require easily accessible packaging that customers can reuse

Enhance the protection of your heavy-duty corrugated boxes by adding loose-fill items like bubble wrap or tissue paper. With crush-resistant cardboard and available in various sizes, you can easily find the mailer that meets your business’s specific requirements.

Include loose-fill items such as bubble wrap or tissue paper in your corrugated mailers to provide extra protection during transit. With crush-resistant cardboard and a range of sizes available, you can select the mailer that perfectly suits your business’s needs.

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