5 Important Things to Consider In a Cannabis Packaging Solution

To connect with their audience, shops need to always offer good products, teach customers, and catch their eye with the right cannabis packaging. Custom packaging for cannabis is really important for your brand’s success. It’s what customers see first, and you want to make a strong first impression.

In the cannabis industry, primary packaging involves bottles, jars, tubes, vials, tins, and bags. Many containers have similar shapes and sizes across different brands. So, it’s important to make your brand unique with custom features. Your custom packaging doesn’t have to be the most flashy, but your brand should definitely be noticeable on the store shelf.

Here are five packaging tips to help your brand thrive in this rapidly expanding retail landscape.

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1. Make Your Custom Cannabis Packaging and Brand Stand Out Despite Limited Space

Dispensaries are obligated to secure cannabis products for safety, which is why they’re on locked displays. Capitalize on this confined area by using eye-catching, space-efficient packaging. Enhance shelf presence through vivid graphics that captivate customers even within these space constraints.

Whether revitalizing your brand or launching a new product line, stay attuned to current cannabis industry trends and innovations. Adopt successful approaches from others, but also dare to experiment. The industry’s rapid expansion and consumer engagement provide ample opportunity to elevate your brand by tweaking the design a bit.

2. Adapt To Safety And Regulatory Cannabis Flower Packaging

As this industry keeps expanding, safety and regulatory labeling rules also evolve. These requirements for cannabis products can change annually, and it’s crucial to regularly update your packaging to comply with the new or revised rules. Different states might even have distinct labeling criteria, making it essential to adhere to the correct regulations in your region.

To avoid ending up with useless packaging, it’s wise to stay nimble when new safety and regulatory labeling laws emerge. In the present market, digital printing offers a notable advantage for various packaging materials in terms of quality and affordability. 

It enables you to order a cannabis packaging design and labels in precise quantities for your current needs. When labeling rules shift, simply modify the digital graphics file before your next order. It eliminates the need for label orders with high minimum quantities or expensive print plates that require frequent replacement.

3. Account For Legal Obligations

Beyond understanding labeling regulations, it’s crucial to stay informed about the entire spectrum of rules and guidelines governing cannabis production and distribution. Legal requirements can vary significantly among states. 

However, as federal law prohibits the transport of it across state lines, focusing on your state’s legal framework is essential. Periodically revisiting your state’s legal requirements ensures your products and cannabis seed packaging remain compliant.

When selecting custom packaging, the materials you choose should address various legal prerequisites. Effective seals are often mandated to safeguard the product, such as resealable bottles or bags. 

Furthermore, your packaging design must swiftly indicate if the product has been tampered with. While dispensaries store cannabis behind glass, tamper-proof seals are still essential to ensure the product’s safety for sale.

Distinguishing between tamper-proof and child-proof seals is vital. Many states necessitate both for cannabis packaging. As per the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, the marijuana industry mandates child-resistant cannabis concentrate packaging for all products. Such packaging must be child-proof while remaining user-friendly for adults.

4. Embrace Sustainability

In today’s world, businesses, especially in this industry, must adopt a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. Customers are drawn to terms like “sustainable,” “organic,” and “raw.” 

They value designs that reflect a sustainable mindset, often opting for muted colors and minimal ink usage. Yet, it’s not just about the appearance of sustainability — customers want tangible efforts to make a global impact. They’re seeking genuinely sustainable cannabis packaging solutions.

Recyclable materials and reducing waste during manufacturing are key considerations for many buyers. That’s why we prioritize green materials for our custom packaging solutions. When your packaging is thoughtfully designed and constructed with sustainability in mind, you can resonate with a wider audience.

5. Understand Your Audience

Leverage the rapid growth of the industry and use experimentation with labels and packaging to establish strong connections with consumers. With the convenience of digital printing, altering your shelf presentation becomes relatively seamless. Adapt your product personalization and artwork to find the elements that resonate most with your audience.

Custom cannabis packaging enables you to craft a remarkable unboxing experience for your customers. Your containers should offer robust protection while remaining easy for regular adults to open.

The right design can encapsulate your brand’s narrative at a glance. Instill trust in your customers by delivering top-notch products in innovative packaging that reflects your brand identity. Your labels and packaging could be the decisive factor that steers them towards choosing your cannabis product over a competitor’s.

Collaborate With Plan IT Packaging Experts 

Select a personalized cannabis packaging design that aligns with your brand’s objectives and caters to your customer base. Delivering top-quality products is only part of creating a thriving business. 

Equally vital is packaging that captures consumers’ attention, motivating them to choose your brand over the competition on the shelf. The ability to customize your packaging extends the potential for converting customers in one of the world’s most fiercely competitive and rapidly expanding industries.

At Plan IT Packaging, we provide comprehensive customization options for cannabis packaging and labels, enabling you to revolutionize the cannabis sector. Our process guides you from initial design to the finished packaging solution, supported by excellent design services, on-time delivery, and cost-effective warehousing solutions. 

Fill out our quote request form to explore how we can elevate your business, or reach out to us online with inquiries about marijuana packaging offerings today.

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