Arkansas Success Story: Automating Production with Tecno Pack Flow Wrapper FP 020 S

tecno pack flow wrapper

We’re happy to share another success story from our customer in Arkansas! They’ve taken their production to the next level by fully automating their flow wrap line with Tecno Pack Flow Wrapper! 

Automatic Card Feeder

This innovative feature wraps cards around cakes for added protection, ensuring that each cake is as safe as it is delicious.

Smart Belts for Automated Feeding

The flow wrapper is fed automatically, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency.

Fully Servo Flow Wrapper

Equipped with all the latest technology, including a dual reel holder and automatic film splicing. Plus, the ‘no product, no bag’ feature ensures no single wrapper is wasted.

Metal Detector and Checkweigher Integration

These critical components guarantee product safety and consistency, ensuring every item meets our high-quality standards.

Videojet OEM Solutions Thermal Transfer Printer

Every package comes off the line with crisp, clear labeling, thanks to this top-of-the-line printer.

Our fully automated line, featuring the Tecno Pack Flow Wrapper, operates at 200 products per minute. It represents a significant leap in efficiency and quality control for our client. 

Plan It Packaging is proud to be part of their journey towards innovation and excellence in the food packaging industry.

Learn more about how our solutions can transform your production line.

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