Best Features to Look For When Buying a Packing Machine

Looking to buy a new packing machine? With so many options available, deciding which to choose can be overwhelming – after all, it’s a big investment for your business. However, whether you’re in the market for packing equipment for pouches, a machine for pouch sealing or some other type of packaging equipment, there are numerous key features to consider.

In this guide, we’ll help you do your homework and due diligence, investigating the different aspects of machinery for packaging, from your requirements to what to look for.

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Packaging Machines: What Do You Need?

A checklist of your requirements is necessary before browsing different products. From the size to the speed to the ease of use, modern packaging equipment comes in all shapes, sizes, and types. Add these items to your checklist:

Type of Product

What are you packaging? Solids, semi-solids, liquids, powders? Considering the shape, size, weight, and state of your product will eliminate the majority of equipment for packaging.

Speed Requirements

Determine the speed at which the product needs to be packaged. Speed is primarily calculated based on your demand and upscale times. Even if you don’t produce substantial quantities on average, you may still need to churn out products rapidly at certain peak points. 

For example, the speed of a pouch- packing machine is typically measured in terms of the number of pouches it can fill and seal per minute. You can try to use Calculator soup to calculate the equivalent bag per minute.


Calculate the amount of money available to purchase machines for packaging. The price point is usually the biggest factor in deciding which equipment a company can buy. 

Quantity of Product

How much quantity will need to be packaged? In part, this is related to the speed of the machine. However, it also refers to the volume of product being packaged per unit – which decides the size and capacity of the equipment. 

Labeling Requirements

Determine any labeling requirements that need to be met. For example, some food packaging machines offer integrated labeling capabilities.

Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Packaging

What packaging layer is required: primary, secondary, or tertiary? Primary packaging contains each unit, secondary packaging groups the units together, and tertiary packaging stores containers or boxes of secondary packages for transportation and storage.

Best Features to Look For When Buying a Packaging Equipment

Once you’ve got your checklist ready – it’s time to apply it to the equipment itself. Investing in the right equipment can make or break a business. The last thing you want is for the packaging process to be the limiting factor preventing the product from reaching the consumer. 

Here are some of the best features of packaging machines to look for when buying one:

1. Machine size

The size of your it should be determined by the space available in your production facility. Additionally, the machine’s size should be proportional to the size and the shape of the product you are packaging – the bigger the product, the larger (and more expensive) the machine.

2. Type of machine

Depending on the product you’re trying to pack, different types of packaging machines are available – including vertical-fill, horizontal-fill, and rotary. There are even mini sachet pouch packing machines. Talk to the manufacturers to determine which type of machine is optimal for your set-up.

3. Packaging materials used

Plastic bags, cardboard, metal, and more – almost any material can be used for packaging. Most machines are designed to work with a handful (or just one) of materials. However, some are more versatile and can work with various materials. 

4. Flexibility and adaptability

Your packaging needs will adapt and change over time. It is, therefore, important to choose an equipment that is also flexible and adaptable – whether that be in terms of product or packaging design. Try to anticipate possible future changes your pouch packing machine must account for.

5. Machine speed

The speed of a packaging machine is one of the most important factors that can significantly impact the efficiency and productivity of a packaging line. A faster machine increases your productivity and output, but it may also require more maintenance and consume more energy.

6. Operating costs

The operating costs of running a packaging facility eat into your profit margin. Balancing energy efficiency and minimal maintenance with your facility needs is key to keeping operating costs as low as possible.

7. Maintenance availability

When purchasing a pouch sealing machine, choose one that is easy to maintain and has readily available spare parts. Doing so minimizes downtime and ensures your production line runs smoothly.

8. Technical services and spare parts

Even the best-designed and maintained machines break down. Wear and tear are inevitable – especially in high-production environments. So ensure a readily available supply of spare parts is available to keep the line running smoothly. 

9. Labor requirements and training

The labor requirements and training needed to operate your packaging machinery should also be considered. While machinery reduces labor costs, it often requires highly trained employees to operate it safely and efficiently. Is the machine’s manufacturer capable of providing this training?

Contact Us To Discuss Your Packing Machine Needs

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of your packaging needs and what to ask any manufacturer. Never rush into any decision – it requires careful consideration and attention to detail. However, with so many factors to consider, you need an experienced packaging equipment provider to help you work through your requirements.

At Plan IT Packaging, we work with suppliers and manufacturers to determine their packaging needs. Then, our team of experts identifies the best packaging machinery we have available based on our analysis. 

We understand that each business or industry comes with a unique set of challenges. That’s why we take the time to listen to your expectations and develop a customized packing machine solution that meets your specific needs and helps optimize your packing operations.

Book a free consultation to explore our packaging solutions from start to finish. We can take your business to the next level using cutting-edge technology and expertise. 

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