Best Features to Look Out For in a Multi-Head Weigher

An industrial weighing machine like a multi-head weigher is known for its accuracy, speed, and reliability. Usually, manufacturers use them to pack various inventories ranging from non-food items to food products.

Historically, workers used a weigher to weigh particular produce. However, as time passed, they began using them to distribute snacks and confectionery into packaging efficiently.

Generally, a weigher machine disperses a product to food hoppers, then drops it to an empty weight hopper. These machines have automated mechanisms determining the product’s mass across the weight hoppers.

Through this system, they can accurately weigh the product nearest to the target weight. The weigher then opens hoppers which dispense the product to distribution systems via discharge chutes.

Selecting the appropriate features is crucial to ensure optimal production performance when looking for a multihead weigher packing machine. Having equipment that achieves high accuracy, efficiency, and long-term reliability is essential to reduce unnecessary production costs.

This article delves deep into what manufacturers must look for on a multi-head scale to enhance a business’s profitability, productivity, and competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

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1. Accuracy and Efficiency

Choosing a packing scale machine with high accuracy ensures manufacturers that they can consistently achieve desired packing targets. It maximizes profitability and minimizes product waste.

These advantages are vital to maintain product quality and meet customer expectations. Precise ingredient ratios are critical, especially in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. A slight deviation in weight can affect a product’s efficacy, taste, or safety.

In addition, minimizing product waste, which refers to the amount of product that exceeds the target weight, promotes cost control. Precise weight allows producers to optimize material usage and maximize the yield of raw materials and ingredients.

Similarly, the efficiency and accuracy of a weigher scale directly impacts profitability and productivity in weighing operations. These factors enable manufacturers to process more products within a given timeframe. It maximizes productivity and output, which allows businesses to capitalize on sales opportunities and meet market demands.

Improved efficiency reduces the need for product adjustments or rework, which saves resources and time. It also reduces cycle times and idle periods, which optimizes resource utilization and overall equipment effectiveness.

2. Number of Heads

In a multi-head weigher, heads refer to individual weigh hoppers or weighing units that work together to weigh items. Each head comprises a load cell and a discharge mechanism that loads the weighted product into the packaging equipment. 

These load cells measure the product’s weight and operate simultaneously to achieve a high-speed weighing process. Thus, a weigher machine’s ideal number of heads depends on various production-related factors.

For instance, the physical properties of the products play a significant role in choosing a multihead weigher machine. 

A higher number of heads may be ideal for lightweight or small products to ensure accurate measurement due to their limited weight. On the other hand, heavier and larger products may require fewer heads to achieve the desired accuracy.

Another essential consideration is the desired production throughput or the number of products to process per minute. Higher output levels typically need more heads to attain the desired speed and exceed production demands.

However, cost considerations are also essential when determining the number of heads you want for your equipment. Machines with more heads tend to be more costly, especially for smaller businesses. Balancing the available budget with accuracy requirements is crucial to mitigate overspending on unnecessary features.

3. Weighing Range

The weighing range refers to the variety of materials, items, or ingredients the equipment can accurately weigh. A well-designed multihead weigher can accommodate various products, such as granular, solid, or piece-type items. In addition, it should be capable of handling products of different sizes, shapes, and weights.

When selecting the right machinery for your business, it is crucial to consider the minimum and maximum weights of the products. This consideration ensures that the equipment can handle the full range of weights that the product requires.

Aside from the minimum and maximum weights, dynamic range is also an essential feature in a multihead weigher packing machine. Its ability to handle both very light and hefty weights effectively is crucial to ensure long-term use and versatility. Choosing a weigher with a broad dynamic range is vital, allowing for flexibility in handling a wide variety of products.

4. Hopper Capacity

Hoppers in multihead packing machines are essential in storing and dispensing products during the weighing process. These hoppers serve as containers that hold the product and ensure a steady supply of products, preventing interruptions and maintaining continuity. 

The hoppers, equipped with multihead weighers, include discharge mechanisms such as vibratory feeders. These mechanisms act as gates, controlling the release of weighted products and ensuring a consistent and precise flow into the discharge chutes. This setup enables accurate measurements and minimizes product waste.

There are crucial aspects to consider when choosing packing machines. It includes the product’s flow characteristics, bulk density, and feeding requirements. For instance, items with low bulk density may require larger hoppers to maintain a consistent flow. Meanwhile, those with high bulk density may require smaller hopper capacities.

In addition, analyze the production line’s overall flow and how the hoppers integrate with other equipment. It includes conveyors, feeders, or packaging machines. Ensure the hopper capacity aligns with the equipment’s power and speed to maintain an efficient and balanced production process.

5. Maintenance and Support

The accessibility of technical support and maintenance is crucial to operating a multihead packing machine efficiently. 

For instance, for issue resolution and troubleshooting, it assists in identifying and resolving any operational issues or malfunctions. Prompt access to knowledgeable support staff lessens downtime and ensures equipment’s smooth operation.

In addition, choose one with fault detection and diagnostics when looking for multihead weighers. It analyzes data and identifies anomalies or patterns indicating a fault or impending failure.

Having these features enable maintenance personnel to take proactive measures and resolve such issues. For instance, it can replace worn-out parts or conduct preventive maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

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Multihead weighers are standard in the market. However, businesses must carefully choose which equipment to entrust their production with.

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