DRON CONTINUE Tray Packer & Wrap Around Machine

Automatic tray packer machine with box opening systems to open boxes, to position them under the multipack and to close them around the multipack. The cardboard trays are opened, formed and positioned ready to receive the cans or other products prepared in multipacks.

Automatic tray packer or wrap around machine using the box itself for partial wrapping (tray) or total (wrap around) of the product. Thanks to appropriate systems, the box is picked on the upper level and on which the products to tray are pushed or positioned using automatic robotic or pick & place systems. The products inside the box can be placed vertically, horizontally, on their edges, single or in multipacks with various levels.

The machine can work with trays, flat boxes, display boxes and boxes with lids which can be automatically added to cover the box.

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GEA Horizontal Wrap Around and Multipack Machines

Automatic wrap around and multipack machine using pre-glued wrappers to form or flat blanks. Highly automated multipack machine for single or multipack products. The flat sheets of cardboard are picked from storage and are positioned over the tray or glass or other type of product to wrap with the cardboard blank and are then wrapped around the product.

Application of the glue point completes the cycle by joining the two box flaps. The wrap around machine uses pre-formed wrappers picked from storage, opened and positioned on the belt in sections waiting for manual or automatic filling of the product arriving on the parallel belt.

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DRON Horizontal Wrap Around and Multipack Machines

Depending on the configuration inside the tray/carton and on the type of product, the loading system and transfer in the machine can be equipped with different grouping/stacking systems.
Depending on how the product comes from the previous line, there could be the need to equip the machine with a: rollover system, rotating system, and/or stacking system.

Once the requested multipack configuration is created, thanks to the aid of pushers and translating trolleys, they will be shifted upon the unfolded tray/carton coming from the cartons storage unit.
From the tray/cartons storage unit, through the use of adjustable plungers, the tray/carton is unfolded and accompanied downwards.

Thanks to the transport chain and through sliding, the carton proceeds along the closing unit where the flaps are closed and glued with hot melt.

In the box motion version of the DRON machine, the tray is loaded from underneath and it is wrapped around the product/multipack coming from the previous line without start and stop.
At the final stage, the exiting box will slide out on idle rolls, whom will facilitate the exiting.

An optional box lengths detecting system via photocell, when installed, will enable the discharge of the faulty trays in favor of the correct trays that, following the programming, will be transferred manually or automatically on a pallet.

The palletizing unit is not included in the offer but it is part of the wide-range of the machines that Plan IT proposes.

Extracting or implementing specific parts and components of the machine, we can adapt the same way of packing to various formats.

CE regulation certified machine.

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DOM Vertical Cartoning Machines

Automatic cartoning machine with filling from the top for use with American boxes or pre-formed boxes.

Automatic, motorized adjustments, very simple format changes. The vertical cartoning machine opens and fills with pick & place, or the robotic system, the boxes in various formats and close them with adhesive tape or hot glue. From storage placed in a facilitated position, the box is picked, opened and placed on the automatic belts that bring it to the filling zone. The machine is a line machine and is therefore very compact in size.

Filling is carried out automatically by a system that picks the products and deposits them inside the box. The picking system varies based on the type of product. In some cases, you can pick multiple products simultaneously. The multipack will be previously, automatically created by our grouping systems.

Don’t fear change. Automatic, automated adjustments, very simple format changes. Innovation is within your reach. The cartoning machine with vertical filling with pick & place for various sized boxes. Simplified packaging. Transforms the problem into a solution and improves productivity.

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