Ares Sleeve Wrapper Bundle Machines

ARES – Sleeve Wrapper Bundler Machines

Uses two reels of film that transversally seal, obtaining a shrinked bag around the product. The bag, on the side, can be left open or sealed thanks to the double side sealers (4-seal machine). Our sleeve wrapper bundler machines, which are robust and solid and accessible, can be automatic, semi-automatic, in line at 90° and useful for wrapping single products or multipacks, such as bottles, tins, cans. Excellent for random packaging of products in different measurements. Available in various sizes, with or without a seal bar (sleeve wrapper bundler with film launch).

Bundler machines

Argon Bundler Machine

Bundler machine for multipacks with stacking without waste. The flat film reel, thanks to the “tie” system, completely wraps the product by sealing the two flaps on the top or on the bottom (depending on the application). The aumotorized seal bar seals and cuts on the front and back. Manageable from the touch screen to enable any operator to change format in an immediate and simple manner (recipe-based). Mechanical version or more motorized with saved electronic movements. It can be equipped with different stacking or grouping systems (stacker, diverter, etc.). The bundler machine can pack products in plastic, polystyrene, tissue, EPS, single or multipack.