Tron Cartesian Automatic Palletiser

TRON – Cartesian Automatic Palletizer

Cartesian palletizer with the gripper picking head and robotic movement with an open structure, with the possibility of a palletizer on the ground or on product service rollers arriving from a line (or multiple lines in a robotic version).

Accessible and highly practical respecting operator safety with the photoelectric barriers. The robot or pick and place is customised to delicately handle the product and turn it to the suitable position before placing it into the pallet. Simple configuration called “GROUND PALLET” where the empty pallet is positioned by an operator with the pallet truck by hand. Picking the filled pallet takes place in the same way with the pallet truck by hand by an operator.

End of the line - Palletizing

Robotic Palletizing

Single-Line Palletizer

Small footprint robotic palletizer – perfect solution for end-of-line automation. Robotic Palletizer can be offered with manual or automatic pallet handling. Automatic pallet dispenser is designed for safe automatic pallet feeding and includes high capacity pallet accumulator for longer autonomy. The system for automatic slip sheet dispensing is available upon request.

Multi-Line Palletizer

Multi-line palletizers are designed to palletize multiple SKUs simultaneously. Multi-line palletisers usually include variety of options such as universal robot end of arm tool, slip sheet and pallet handling, case infeed conveyors and pallet dispensers. Bar code readers, product and pallet labellers, vision system and other equipment can be integrated upon request. It does not really matter what is your application, our automated system can palletize wide range of products: cases, bags, plastic containers, shrink bundles and more.


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