STAR EVO - Continuous sealing packaging machine

STAR EVO – Continuous Sealing Packaging Machine

New generation and design, side sealing packaging machine, super-accessible and simple to use. Excellent for packaging and total closure of various types of products with heat shrinking or other film, center-folded or flat film. Great flexibility of the machine, thanks to the possibility of having it in various sizes with a fixed, intermittent or box motion bar, with simple sealing, with Euroforo or easy opening. it covers a vast range of product packaging. For a new and simpler way of working and increasingly elevated performance.

SOL Intermittent side sealing machines

SOL – Intermittent Side Sealing Machine

Continuous side sealing machine with intermittent, fixed bar (previous generation to the STAR EVO “new design”). we are more than sure aout its reliability and that we are sure you’ll never get tired of using it. It can be used in all packaging sectors from industrial, to tissue, plastic, “household”, graphics industry, beverage, disposable products, wood and profile production industry, food and bottling.

FLO Automatic L sealer packaging machines

FLO – Automatic L Sealer Packaging Machine

L sealer with vertical bar movement, combining all the comforts to its simplicity that makes it special. All types of center-folded, polyethylene or polyolefin film (PE & POF) or flat film can be used, with the addition of the external center folding unit. With the sealing bar that can be pneumatic or motorized (for the electric version), with vertical closure, it creates the package around the product. Goodbye scissors closure! Excellent for packaging various types of products with or without the shrink tunnel (compact version or separate tunnel version). Bar width only 1 cm. Less film on product. Less energy consumption when shrinking.

DEA Side sealing Box Motion machines

DEA – Side Sealing Box Motion Machine

Continuous side sealing machine with box motion moving bar (previous generation to the “new design” START EVO) to pack various types of products while maintaining stability and control, even at high speeds. All types of center- folded or flat film can be used, with the addition of the external centre folder. An absolutely concentrated and powerful performance. Watch it in silence for a few minutes. Now, go catch your breath! The machine won’t stop for a second. It can be used in all industrial packaging sectors, from tissue to plastic, from graphics industry to beverages, and so on…

Shrink packaging machines

NEOS – Shrink Tunnel

Hot air shrink tunnel. Attractive line, compact and accessible, functional and energy saving. The shrinking chambers retract the plastic film around the product, adapting the film to the shapes and dimensions of the product. New technical solutions reduce consumption to the minimum, thanks to excellent use of the ventilation and hot air recirculation system and production, on our packaging and flowpack machines, with increasingly tight packaging, sticking to the product.