DEA – Side Sealing Box Motion Machine

Continuous side sealing machine with box motion moving bar (previous generation to the “new design” START EVO) to pack various types of products while maintaining stability and control, even at high speeds. All types of center- folded or flat film can be used, with the addition of the external centre folder. An absolutely concentrated and powerful performance. Watch it in silence for a few minutes. Now, go catch your breath! The machine won’t stop for a second. It can be used in all industrial packaging sectors, from tissue to plastic, from graphics industry to beverages, and so on…

  • Replaced in most sizes (500 – 600 – 800 by the renewed and redesigned version: STAR EVO)
  • DEA with side sealing comes with a moving bar in continuous motion following the product, increasing speed and stability (no start stop).
  • It can work with all types of materials.
  • The machine has 3 belts that allow considerable savings of material thanks to the reduced distance between the side sealer and the product.
  • Saving 10 cm of material per pack.
  • The cycle automatically stops when product runs out.
  • Our machines can all be combined with: infeed conveyor belts, with palettes, pushers, loaders (shutter and rotary), shrink tunnels, outfeed belts or stackers, manufactured by us.
  • Equipped with a moving, transversal, heat seal bar in continuous operation that “accompanies” the products
  • No stops and starts since the bar works continuously to reach the high speeds and provides greater stability
  • Side sealing always takes place continuously to allow product packaging without length limits
  • Product width up to 1020 mm, product height up to 400 mm
  • Speed with A4 format up to 6000 with DEA Standard and up to 9000 pcs/h with the SERVO brushless motors
  • Packaging possibilities: packaging completely closed and sealed on 3 sides, shrinked, with handle, with Eurohole and easy opening
  • In modified atmosphere (MAP): possibility of packing in a protected atmosphere with Polypropylene barrier film or coupled