Entry – Mid Production Sachet Machine

Granular and Powder Application

Continuous motion sachet machine is designed for filling free flowing granule products such as salt, sugar, THC, nutritional supplements into four side sealed sachet up to 12 lines with minimum 40 mm width and 1200mm maximum web width. Simplicity in design and fixed width allows for efficient running with easy to use feature. Continuous motion sachet machine has an advanced controlling software by HMI with its motion controlling technology included as standard. It can reach up to 70 cycles/minute speed maximum per lane. Fully closed volumetric rotary filling unit with its unique design for disassembling when cleaning reduces downtime to minutes. Premium brands in components are used as standard in all machines

Liquid Application

Horizontal sachet machine is designed for flexibility in sachet dimensions and lower speed applications. Equipped with liquid filler for low to high viscous liquids such as oil, ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, tomato paste, cream chocolate, cosmetic liquids, shampoo, CBD oil four side sealed and/or three side sealed sachet up to 40-50 cycles/minute speed maximum. Robust mechanical design with the latest automation technology allow dimension change over times to minimum. Servo-driven piston pump with cut-off nozzles design with years of experience giving the best accuracy with zero-leaking. Long-lasting custom-made gasket set in the actuator lasts up to 30 days at 3 shift running. Premium brands in components are used as standard in all machines.