GEA Horizontal Wrap Around and Multipack Machines

Automatic wrap around and multipack machine using pre-glued wrappers to form or flat blanks. Highly automated multipack machine for single or multipack products. The flat sheets of cardboard are picked from storage and are positioned over the tray or glass or other type of product to wrap with the cardboard blank and are then wrapped around the product.

Application of the glue point completes the cycle by joining the two box flaps. The wrap around machine uses pre-formed wrappers picked from storage, opened and positioned on the belt in sections waiting for manual or automatic filling of the product arriving on the parallel belt.

Multipack machine (blank wrapping machine) with high automation for single packs or multipacks with a rotary automated servo-arm to pick the box: flat blank or case, in this case involving the automatic or semi-automatic horizontal wrap around machines.

It works with pre-glued box and is filled on the side using manual loading by the operator or automatically using linear pushers or continuous rotation with parallel loading belts. Available also in a “vertical wrap around version” with ‘tray display’ and tray shape (single or multiple) with product filling from above and tray closure using hot glue.

  • Reduced size for a high performance machine
  • Machine dimensions based on speed: from 3.5 m Length, 1.2 m wide
  • Speed: depends on the product size and the quantity of boxes; up to 150 packs/min
  • Dimensions of the box: length min 60mm – max 300mm. Width min 60mm – max 495mm
  • Product dimensions: length 60-270mm, wide 40-270mm, height 20-130mm
  • Version available in stainless steel
  • Standard: Painted steel; chains, pulley, pinions are nickel-plated in the stainless steel version, in the standard version they are galvanised