Lidmaster Pro – Lid Applicator Machines

Technical Features

Design Speed130 packs/minute
WorkingSpeed (flatpack)120 packs/minute
Min.-Max. Product Length120-400 mm
Min.-Max. Product Width55-150 mm
Min.-Max. Product Height10-110 mm
Min.-Max. Lid Length70-120 mm
Min.-Max. Lid Width60-90 mm
Min.-Max. Lid Thickness3-8 mm
Max. Label Roll Width110 mm
Max. Label Roll Diameter300 mm
LabelerNovexx ALS 204
Start-Stop WasteNone
  • 4-axis scara robot with triple suction heads
  • Antibacterial conveyor belts
  • Interlock switches on doors
  • Visual & audible warning systems
  • Warning alarm for operational errors
  • AC motor lid drive conveyor
  • Valco Melton hot melt glue application system
  • Novexx brand labeling unit
  • Servo controlled automatic change lid cartridge system
  • Compatible to work with various lid sizes and shapes
  • Cognex camera controlled visual detection system
  • All cables & hoses are running inside of the robot arm
    for utmost level hygiene & cleanliness
  • No consumable parts
  • Almost no maintenance required
  • Closed structure design for high protection and
    easy cleaning
  • Better dynamic with high speed movement