Pack 1000 HS by Tecno Pack

Designed to be employed in the automatic lines where it differs from its sturdiness, noiselessness and reliability; it finds further application in the standard use, with manual feeding, thanks to its versatility and easy use.

The cantilevered frame and other solutions aimed solving issues linked to the ergonomic and sanitization aspects, allow the use of the Pack 1000 also in advanced applications.

Technical Features

  • Performances:
    Up to 350 ppm
  • Product size:
    Width: max. 200 mm
    Height: max. 120 mm
  • Reel size:
    Up to 500 mm
    Outside Ø: max 350 mm
    Inside Ø: 70 ÷ 76 mm
  • Packaging materials:
  • Machine weight (net):
    1100 Kg abt.


  • Automatic splicer
  • Photocell for printing registration
  • Coder
  • Powered feed roll
  • Web width 740 mm
  • “Long Dwell” sealing head ◊ Easy opening package;
  • Outfeed packs control
  • Stainless steel version
  • No product-no bag

Electrical Features and Management

  • Motion control with PLC integrated
  • “Touch-screen” operator interface to vary machine parameters, working programmes memorization and machine diagnostic
  • Power: 6 Kw

Pneumatic Features

  • Compressed air: 6 bar dry and filtered air
  • Compressed air consumption
  • 20 NL/minute