Pack 700 Inverted Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper Packaging Machine

Pack Inverted is an inverted horizontal flow wrapper featuring either rotary or box motion HFFS technology. The machine is suitable for both standard and modified atmosphere packaging for a wide range of food and non-food products.

In conjunction with MAP barrier films, the machine can deliver high-integrity seals suitable for gas flush applications to extend the shelf life of many food products.

Ideal not only for products that require hermetic sealing but also for difficult-to-handle items or products for the medical industry, meal kits for multipacks, vegetables, etc.

  • 3-axis controlled by servo motors
  • Can-Bus communication
  • 7” Touch screen display with integrated PLC
  • Memory for product programs
  • Full backup of parameters and product programs via USB key
  • Product and print centering via touchscreen
  • Easy diagnosis for problem solutions
  • Possibility of connection to Team Viewer for remote assistance (LAN, VNC)
  • Light tower for machine’s status indication


  • Rotary printer or thermal transfer printer
  • Nebulizer for ethyl alcohol
  • No product – no bag sensor
  • Full stainless steel AISI 304 construction
  • Euro-slot punch
  • Zig-zag blades
  • Fixed forming box
  • Extended loader
  • Pneumatic opening of longitudinal hot rollers
  • Reactive compensation conveyor belt
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight: 700kg
  • Sealing bars: diam. 120-150 or 180mm
  • 3 pairs of longitudinal rollers (diam. 120 mm): 2 for film tow, 1 for sealing
  • Motorized rollers assembly (for up and down motion)
  • Safety carter with an auto stop of the machine during production in case of open carter
  • Motorized exit belt
  • Emergency stop buttons for immediate stop of the production cycle
  • Additional function buttons on the products loader
  • Photocell for print centering
  • Max reel width: Film reel width: 520/720/920 mm
  • Film reel holder with expanding locking system
  • Loader plates in stainless steel AISI 304 (conforms to CE directives)
  • Dimensions : 4000 x 630 x H 1700mm
  • Speed: 120 packs/min
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning