ELITE Weigher

Our Multi-head combination weigher scales are easily integrated into fully automated packaging machines while offering a wide range of accurate, high precision and high performance scale for every packaging applications ideal for small to large production.

Weighing Heads10141620
Weighing Capacity3000g3000g3000g3000g
Weighing Resolution0.1g0.1g0.1g0.1g
  • Stepper motors for all actuators
  • Superior accuracy
  • 10″ color touch screen
  • Sturdy high quality construction
  • Easy change over from one to the other product
  • No under weights
  • Self diagnostic
  • Interfaces with F.F.S., bagger, tray packets, etc
  • Access to all parts for cleaning and proper maintenance
  • Higher stability that minimizes the expense of shutdown, troubleshooting, repair & start up
  • Better power failure response
  • Multi-language support
  • Independent control of weighing buckets allow running in case of problem with any buckets
  • Regarding specific parameters automatic feedback for product adjusting with the help of automatic feeder control (A.F.C.)
  • Multiple discharge, sequential discharge options, multiple products in single weigher