T-H STU SERIES Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine

The T-H STU SERIES Horizontal Form Fill & Seal Machine is working from reel to bag. These machines are designed for forming, filling, and sealing of flat bags of 3 or 4 side seal and doypack – Stand up bags with several addons like eurohole, pneumatical tear notch, intermediate perforations for twin sachets, full shape bags, partial shape bags, zipper applicator, top or corner valve applicator and wet wipes filling system. We offer speeds up to 55-60 cycles per minute in Simplex to 110 cycles per minute in Duplex ( mechanical speed ) up to Triplex 150 cycles per minute up to Quadruplex production with capability up to 360mm ( 14,2” ) wide bags.

Pouch WidthPouch LengthOperational Speed (Mechanical Speed)
Min. 50mmMin. 60mmSingle: Max 100 cpm
Max. 360mmMax. 400mmDuplex: Max 110 cpm
  Triplex: Max 150cpm
  Quadruplex: Max 180cpm
  • Ergonomic main frame with special treatment.
  • Robust and reliable machine due its simplicity of functionality and maintenance.
  • Frontal protections covering the critical operations of the machine
  • No pouch – No fill system
  • Pneumatic expanding shaft for easy reel changeover
  • Dragging rollers driven by servomotor
  • Photoelectric cell for film centering
  • 9” HMI Touch control operating system
  • Millimeter measuring ruler in sealing jaws and sealing jaws for easy format changeover
  • Ewon remote connection device
  • Three filling stations


  • Splicing table for easy film splicing
  • Pneumatical Tear notch
  • Bottom sealer for 4 side seal
  • Personalized HMI based on customer needs ( Optional )
  • 15” HMI operation panel
  • Intermediate perforations
  • Stainless steel main frame
  • Marking coding device ( Pneumatical embossing system, thermal inkjet, continuous inkjet, thermal transfer printer or laser coding )
  • Pick and place transfer system
  • Out belt conveyor of 1.5meters
  • Machine tower lights
  • HMI and PLC in Siemens or Allan Bradley
  • Euro hole system
  • Wet wipes introduction system
  • Rejection ramp
  • Zipper applicator system
  • Top or Corner valve applicator
  • Gas flushing system
  • UV Lamp
  • Full Die cut or Partial die cut for bag shaping
  • Rounded edges
  • Empty bag detector
  • Double reel unwinder for easy and quick splicing operation
  • Punch hole system
  • Automatic film splicing system
  • Straw applicator system