TRON – Cartesian Automatic Palletizer

Cartesian palletizer with the gripper picking head and robotic movement with an open structure, with the possibility of a palletizer on the ground or on product service rollers arriving from a line (or multiple lines in a robotic version).

Accessible and highly practical respecting operator safety with the photoelectric barriers. The robot or pick and place is customised to delicately handle the product and turn it to the suitable position before placing it into the pallet. Simple configuration called “GROUND PALLET” where the empty pallet is positioned by an operator with the pallet truck by hand. Picking the filled pallet takes place in the same way with the pallet truck by hand by an operator.

PALLETIZER available with multiple bays or single bay: new generation, designed to have reduced dimensions, easy use, easy movement from one line to the next, and a contained price. Support structure on which the LOADER moves, equipped with a gripper head for product picking. The loader moves along the Cartesian axes X, Y, Z controlled by BRUSHLESS or asynchronous MOTORS with an inverter based on the speed and precision required. Following the program set, the LOADER moves to the product picking point and picks it, thanks to the gripper head equipped with a vacuum suction with suction cups or with grippers, or with a robot in the anthropomorphic version.

  • Dimensions starting from 2000mm x 1350mm and with height, based on the height of the pallet, reaching H. 2400mm + pallet
  • Pallet dimensions: 800x1200mm and OPTIONAL 1000x1200mm; pallet height: 1600mm + pallet OPTIONAL up to 2700mm + pallet, special versions H. 3000 mm. Speed: up to 10 boxes, sleeves, multipacks per minute
  • Version: single pallet bay on the ground or version with automatic load
  • Holding head: suction cups or grippers
  • Box dimensions: minimum mm 90x150x100h, maximum mm 400x600x600h