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Mom’s Best Cookies – Optimizing Packaging, Reducing Handling Damage


In the competitive world of cookie production, maintaining product quality while optimizing operational efficiency is a constant challenge. Mom’s Best Cookies, a beloved brand known for its delicious and wholesome products, recently faced such a challenge. Their goal was to reduce handling damage and improve overall production efficiency. Partnering with PLAN IT Packaging, they deployed a new scales and bagging line, resulting in significant improvements.

The Challenge

Mom’s Best Cookies, like many cookie processors, struggled with handling damage during the packaging process. This issue not only affected the appearance and integrity of their products but also led to increased waste and operational costs. To maintain their commitment to delivering high-quality cookies to their customers, it was crucial for Mom’s Best to find a solution that would minimize damage while streamlining their packaging operations.

The Solution

PLAN IT Packaging stepped in to address these challenges with their state-of-the-art ELITEWEIGH weigher and RotoBagger bagging system. The solution included:

  1. Advanced Weighing Technology: The ELITEWEIGH weigher offered precise, high-speed weighing that ensured consistent product weight, reducing the likelihood of over or under-filled packages.
  2. Gentle Handling Mechanisms: To minimize damage, the RotoBagger bagging system featured gentle handling mechanisms that carefully transported cookies from the production line to the packaging stage.
  3. Automated Bagging: The RotoBagger system streamlined the process, significantly reducing the need for manual handling and the associated risks of product damage.


The implementation process was smooth and efficient. PLAN IT Packaging worked closely with the team at Mom’s Best Cookies to customize the solution to their specific needs. This collaborative approach ensured that the new system seamlessly integrated with their existing production line, minimizing downtime and disruption.


The results of deploying the new scales and bagging line were impressive:

  • Reduced Handling Damage: The gentle handling mechanisms and precise weighing technology significantly reduced the occurrence of damaged cookies.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automation streamlined the packaging process, resulting in a 20% increase in production speed and a 15% reduction in labor costs.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: With less damage, Mom’s Best Cookies were able to maintain their high standards of quality, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Throughput: The new system allowed Mom’s Best Cookies to process up to 60 bags per minute, doubling their previous output.

Customer Testimonial

“We’ve slashed labour costs with this turnkey scales/bagging line,” says Robert Cappola, President of Mom’s Best Gourmet Foods. “We produce 40,000-50,000 kilos of dough per day, and we needed to find a machinery integrator who could move us into a more sustainable pouch-packaging line. This is where PLAN IT Packaging Systems came in. They built the whole line for us from start to finish… to handle, weigh and bag our cookies delicately into appealing, lightweight zipper pouches that help us with our sustainability objectives.”

PLAN IT Packaging technician Rick Neill and Mom’s line operator Doecheenee Nicola take us through the process from cookie conveying to weighing, bagging, and sealing Mom’s treasured Cookie Ginger Crisps. The system features a unique low-height ELITEWEIGH weigher feeding an eight-station RotoBagger at precise, consistent 170-gram weights. The slanted delivery in the scale buckets, equipped with a softening buffer, prevents cookie breakage and can reach speeds of 45 bags per minute.

Robert Cappola concludes, “I can’t tell you how much easier this makes my life.”


The success story of Mom’s Best Cookies highlights the importance of investing in advanced packaging solutions to address common industry challenges. PLAN IT Packaging’s innovative ELITEWEIGH weigher and RotoBagger bagging system provided the perfect solution, helping Mom’s Best Cookies enhance their product quality and operational efficiency. This case study exemplifies how strategic partnerships and modern technology can drive success in the food processing industry.

For more information on how PLAN IT Packaging can help your business optimize its packaging processes, contact us today.

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