Montreal Snack Company Automates with RotoBagger and EliteWeigh Scale


We’re excited to share a success story from Montreal! A snack company transformed its nut mix and snack packaging with our RotoBagger system and EliteWeigh 14-head scale.

This integration has brought about unprecedented efficiency and consistency in their production line.


Manual packaging processes were slow and inconsistent.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: The automated RotoBagger system significantly reduced manual labor.
  • Consistent Quality: The EliteWeigh Multi-head Weigher ensures precise and uniform packaging.
  • Increased Output: Production capacity has soared, meeting higher demands effortlessly.
  • Customer Delight: The quality and consistency of their products have led to increased customer satisfaction.


The case from Montreal highlights how our innovative RotoBagger and EliteWeigh solutions can revolutionize packaging processes. These solutions enhance productivity and heighten customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how our solutions at Plan It Packaging can revolutionize your production line.

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