Once Upon a Time in Mexico


In the heart of Mexico’s bustling food industry, a challenge was brewing. Our client, a popular gummy manufacturer, needed to ramp up production without sacrificing quality.

Enter the heroes: Plan It Packaging’s High-Speed VFFS Rapid and the 16-head EliteWeigh with memory buckets.

🍬 The Transformation: With these cutting-edge machines, our client’s packaging process turned magical, hitting a remarkable speed of 130ppm! Efficiency soared, and the quality remained top-notch.

🔍 For added safety assurance: A high-speed VFFS system, coupled with a metal detector, ensured that every gummy package was perfect inside and out.

🎉 The Outcome: Today, in Mexico, they’re not just meeting demand. They’re setting new standards in the gummy world, proving that with the right technology, every challenge has a sweet solution.

Transform your packaging process today with Plan It Packaging. Contact us now!

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