Optimizing Hamburger Packaging: Advancing Efficiency and Hygiene with Our Bag in a Box Bulk Lines

PLAN IT Packaging is excited to announce a groundbreaking addition for the North American market. We’ve successfully installed three cutting-edge Bag in a Box Bulk Lines, designed specifically for packaging hamburger patties. This efficient trio of lines is currently serving the largest hamburger producer in North America, signifying a major leap in packaging technology.

Key Features of Our Bag in a Box Bulk Line:

  • ⁠Sanitary and Robust Design: Our inclined conveyor is not only industrially robust but also features a built-in metal detector, ensuring top-notch quality standards.
  • Efficient Metering: The industrial-grade vibratory feeder is engineered for precise flow metering.
  • ELITEWEIGH Multihead Weigher: This IP67 washdown model, crafted entirely from 316 stainless steel, offers unmatched accuracy and durability. We’ve eliminated aluminum parts, opting for full stainless steel actuators for long-term reliability.
  • Comprehensive Case Packaging System: Our system includes a sanitary case erector, a bag poly liner inserter, an uncuffer, and a stainless steel case sealer, all designed for maximum efficiency and hygiene.
  • ⁠Precision Weight Verification: An IP67 Checkweigher ensures accurate final weights for your finished cases.

Our fully automated packaging solution is a timely response to the prevalent labor shortages, freeing up 96 employees across three lines and two shifts for more critical tasks. A $3M investment paid off within 8 months. Also, This system is specifically tailored for cold environments, maintaining high hygiene standards. The use of high-quality stainless steel ensures resistance against rust and corrosion, a significant upgrade over lower-end machines prone to damage from harsh cleaning agents.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Embrace innovation and efficiency with Plan IT Packaging. Contact us today to start your journey toward unparalleled business success!

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