Our Process

Every detail of your packaging solution matters

We simplify the packaging process by delivering tailored full
service automated packaging solutions for your business. Learn more about what it’s like to partner with us.


Free On-Site Consultation

After your free 30 minute automated packaging strategy call, we will visit your business for an on-site consultation anywhere in North America. During this on-site consultation, our automated packaging experts will see first-hand your production practices, existing machinery and physical work area.  Results of this visit play a key role in determining what packaging solutions will work best for your company.

This on-site consultation is not tied to any obligation, but your business will receive preliminary insights into how a turnkey automated packaging solution will benefit your business.

Your free on-site consultation includes:

  • A review of your current packaging process to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Visual assessment of production floor and existing equipment
  • Measurements of available space to determine right-sized packaging machinery
  • Gathering information pertaining to current and future packaging goals


Assessment of your Needs

The needs of every business considering automated packaging systems are unique. In order to implement the ideal packaging solution for your business, we will assess the specific needs of your business that need to be met.

At Plan It Packaging, we fully expect your business to have its own challenges to overcome in order to get the best results through automated packaging. We welcome, and are prepared for, these challenges.

Your needs assessed include:

  • Production goals
  • Physical space allowance
  • Existing machinery
  • Available staff
  • Budget


Development of Strategy

Only after thorough consultation and in-depth assessment of the needs of your business do we start to develop the strategy of your optimal automated packaging system.  All of our findings, conclusions, designs and plans are submitted to you for approval before the arrival of any equipment.

Working with your business as a partnership is important to us, so we ensure your custom automated packaging strategy is comprehensive and mutually accepted before proceeding.

Strategy development includes:

  • Selection of machinery
  • Selection of supplies
  • Formation of training and support plan


System Installation and Implementation

Your automated packaging machinery is expertly installed at your business by dedicated team of  engineers according to plan.  Your packaging machinery is tested to ensure it is operating optimally and in synergy with any existing equipment.  Any unexpected challenges that may arise are rectified in a timely manner by our experts.

The installation job of our technicians is not complete until your new equipment operates as smoothly as expected.

System installation includes:

  • Ensuring equipment fits in desired workspace
  • Affixing equipment safely in place
  • Testing equipment until optimally operating
  • Testing compatibility with existing machinery


Custom Training

Your new equipment operates best under the watchful eye of knowledgeable operators. We provide comprehensive training for the staff members your business after your new automated packaging system is installed.  In most cases, operating our automated packaging machines is very easy, so the training is very easy to grasp.

The smooth and effective operation of your packaging equipment is important to us, so we always strive to provide useful and comprehensive training.

Custom training includes:

  • Overview of the machine and its main functions
  • How to operate the machine properly
  • Basic trouble-shooting if a common challenge arises
  • How to care for the machine for best results


Support Services

Our goal is to ensure the automated packaging system in your business continues to run smoothly and effectively after it is installed and your staff are trained. At Plan It Packaging, we have support staff dedicated to answering any questions, rectifying concerns and keep you current on information pertaining to your packaging system.

As a partner of ours, we ensure that your business is fully supported when so that your automated packaging system is realized to its full benefit.

Our support services include:

  • Timely response to questions and concerns
  • Keeping you informed of machine software updates
  • Making training materials and available when needed
  • Technical service support over the phone as required


Equipment Servicing

Your automated packaging equipment is under the care of a dedicated team of technicians and engineers that carry out on-site servicing. Should your machine require repairs, you will always get a high level of professional support and quick turnaround from our specialized team.

Your automated packaging system is only a solution if your machine is working to the best of its ability.  Our dedicated equipment service team makes sure of that.

Equipment servicing includes:

  • Onsite scheduled services
  • Quick-turnaround for onsite repairs
  • Technical telephone support for minor concerns