Packaging Quinoa with RotoBagger & Auger Filler – A Fantastic Customer Success Story

We are happy to share a fantastic customer success story featuring one of our valued clients, a Quinoa manufacturer in Mississauga. They have recently automated their packaging process with our RotoBagger and Auger Filler, achieving impressive efficiency and speed!

In order to streamline their packaging process and meet growing demand, our client sought a solution that could increase their efficiency. With our machines, they are now packaging their Quinoa at an impressive rate of 30 bags per minute! This automation has reduced manual labor and significantly increased their production capacity.

Our full system has been tailored to ensure optimal performance, enabling our customers to focus on what they do best — delivering high-quality Quinoa products. By integrating our RotoBagger and Auger Filling system, they’ve achieved:

  • A boost in production rates, reaching 30 bags per minute
  • Improved efficiency with reduced manual labor
  • A seamless and automated packaging process

We’re proud to support our client’s growth and success, and we remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions, including RotoBagger and Auger filler, for businesses in today’s competitive market.

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