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The Ultimate Sachet-Packaging Solution!

Plan IT Packaging offers sachet packaging machines for an array of products from different industries, including health and beauty, automotive, and nutraceuticals. Our sachet packaging solutions include 4 side seals, 4 side seals with v-notch, twin sachets, and multi-pouch packettes—all of which are tailored to your specific requirements.

At Plan IT packaging system, we can automate your packaging process for soaps, handwash, detergents, cream, gels, lotions, sugar, etc., with our custom printed design sachets ensuring your product remain fresh and secure for a longer time.
Our automatic packaging machines fill and pack your products in light-weight, stylish, and economical packs that make them stand out wherever they are placed.


Plan It Packaging machines are designed so that the production process involves minimal environmental impact:

Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum

The waste materials are minimized

Compatibility with the use of recycled materials