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Grow Your Business with Auger Filler Machines!

Plan IT Packaging provides durable, reliable, and fully functional machinery. Our Auger filling packaging machines handle complicated tasks, including non-free flow to free-flow. Additionally, our auger powder filling has various standard to custom tools, enabling automatic and semi-automatic auger fillers to handle various products.

The main applications where auger filling machinery can help you is to portion and dispense spices, powders, coffee grinds, flour, salt, sugar, baking mixtures, and similar products. Moreover, these powder packaging machines have custom screws that decide the number of revolutions required to measure the accurate weight of certain products.

The auger automatic filling machine streamlines the powder packaging process. The machine offers quick, precise, and flexibility to handle powders and granules. Our machines are designed to dispense and fill a large assortment of products efficiently. They involve stainless-steel construction, easy-to-operate functions and tools, and additional hoppers for simple cleaning and maintenance.


Plan It Packaging machines are designed so that the production process involves minimal environmental impact:

Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum

The waste materials are minimized

Compatibility with the use of recycled materials