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Industry leading edge technology in automatic bagging solutions for tray sealer solutions

We Offer Industry Leading Edge Technology in Automatic Bagging Solutions for Tray Sealer Solutions


The automatic sealing machine model Orion is strong and reliable. It is extremely easy to use and its maintenance is very simple. The machine is made according to all the requirements foreseen by the laws on hygiene. The efficient system of packaging in Modified Atmosphere, together with the precision in conveying the trays to the sealing chamber, guarantees excellent results. Thanks to options such as cut and skin effects, the machine is perfectly capable of satisfying any needs for the presentation of the product. The modular configuration favors the integration of weighing and dosing systems, de-nesters, lidding machines, and printers. A reliable and efficient solution for high-capacity production.

Orion Maxi

The automatic sealing machine model Orion Maxi for high capacity has the largest mould in the Tecnovac range and represents the evolution of the Orion for those customers in need of a higher productivity. Whether it be used for the packaging of very large trays or for moulds with several cavities in order to increase productivity, this machine can satisfy even the most complex requests. The machine guarantees a high flex- ibility for any type of use due to all the advantages and possibilities of integrating the basic model of the Orion and thanks to Tecnovac’s high quality standards.

Orion Tray Sealer Fully Automated Lines


Plan It Packaging machines are designed so that the production process involves minimal environmental impact:

Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum

The waste materials are minimized

Compatibility with the use of recycled materials