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Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) Packaging

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Vertical Form Filling & Sealing Machine to Automate Packaging

Plan IT Packaging offers automated packaging solutions. The Vertical Form Fill & Seal machines (VFFS) will ensure fast and accurate packing of your products. These machines can fill and seal different products including, snacks, food, medicines, and much more.

No matter how big or small the bags are, our VFFS machine streamlines the packaging process and enhances system efficiency as well as accuracy.

The bag filling equipment can easily be integrated with other filling options including, auger and volumetric cup fillers. The VFFS machinery aims to provide flexible packaging needs for your business.


Plan It Packaging machines are designed so that the production process involves minimal environmental impact:

Energy consumption is reduced to a minimum

The waste materials are minimized

Compatibility with the use of recycled materials