That’s a “Wrap”

We recently installed our Pack 520 Horizontal Flow Wrapper at a customer in Ohio replacing their old equipment from our competitor. Our customer is packaging popcorn balls mostly for baseball stadiums at a speed of up to 100 packages per minute.

Few things that the customer loves about their new flow wrapper compared to their existing packaging machine:

  • Easy changeover (allows you to recall recipes on the touch screen for automatic adjustment)
  • Servo driven – less maintenance on the machine
  • No Product / No Bag – the machine will not make an empty bag if the product is not fed on the machine
  • Misplaced product detection to avoid sealing on the product
  • Higher speed than their old machine
  • The machine is very precise and makes less waste on film
  • Easy to clean

The Pack 520 horizontal wrapping machine is built for a 24/7 environment. This machine will produce up to 150 packages per minute and is equipped to hold up to 520mm (20.4”) wide web film.

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