To the “MOON” with the ROTOBAGGER™!

The ROTOBAGGER™ was able to take our customer, Moonlight Mix’s production to the next level. This pre-made pouch machine simplex model was able to increase their capacity up to 4x! (Capable of up to 20,000 bags per shift) while reducing 50% of their labor!

Our ROTOBAGGER™ is ideal in 24/7 environments. It is very easy to use and comes equipped with a horizontal bag magazine for easy pouch loading, automatic servo changeover for different bag widths, as well an automatic zipper opening device, gas flush, bag shaker at the fill station for product leveling, and inkjet printer for lot code and best before date printing.

Weighing, bagging, flow wrapping, and end-of-the-line packaging solutions from east coast to west coast, this is what we do best!

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