Top 5 Automated Systems You Must Have for Candy Packaging

In the candy packaging industry, understanding the importance of a reliable and efficient packaging process is necessary. Your packaging must safeguard your products, maintain their freshness, and provide a delightful user experience with its user-friendly and visually appealing design. Automated systems can help achieve this goal.

Automating your packaging process is the key to achieving efficient and cost-effective production of large quantities of candy. By automation, you can optimize your operations and ensure consistent quality throughout your candy packaging process. 

automated systems

Packaging Made Easy With Automation

It enables precise and efficient wrapping, sealing, and labeling, minimizing errors and enhancing overall efficiency. If you’re looking for systems to help you streamline your candy packaging process, consider the following automated systems

1. Scale or Weigher

In candy production, utilizing a weigher or scale plays a critical role in ensuring that each packaged piece maintains a consistent weight. This process is vital as it helps uphold quality control standards throughout production.

Automated weighing stations offer significant advantages, particularly in terms of cost savings. These weigh stations are more accurate than manual weighing methods. As such, it can reduce product waste and minimize costs. By precisely measuring the weight of each candy, an automated system helps optimize material usage and prevent overfilling or underfilling.

Additionally, automated weigh stations contribute to improved packaging efficiency. Their fast and precise operation enables streamlined processes, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. With enhanced efficiency, candy manufacturers can increase output and potentially boost profits.

By incorporating automated weighing stations into candy production, businesses can achieve consistent quality control, cost savings through waste reduction, and improved packaging efficiency. These benefits ultimately contribute to a more profitable and successful operation.

2. Feeding System

In a custom candy packaging operation, the initial requirement is a feeding system that efficiently transports the candies from the production area to the packaging machine. This system can be a vibratory bowl feeder, an inclined belt conveyor, or a pill counter. These options facilitate the movement of candies and ensure they reach the packaging area.

They are designed explicitly for candy transportation. They offer easy setup and maintenance, making them convenient to use. Equipped with a product flow hopper, they precisely control small-sized candies. 

Including VFD motor control ensures a smooth feeding and system automation process, even for sticky candies. They are versatile and capable of transporting candies of all types.

Once the candies reach the packaging area, it becomes crucial to position them correctly for feeding into the wrapping or bagging machine. It is where an infeed conveyor comes into play. This conveyor moves the candies into position. They must be synchronized with the other devices in the packaging line to ensure smooth operation and workflow.

You can optimize your candy packaging process and achieve efficient results by utilizing a feeding system. In doing so, it’s best to include the inclined belt conveyors for candy transport and the synchronized infeed conveyor for positioning. All these devices can make your production process smoother. 

3. Bagging Machine

The wrapping or bagging machine is crucial to any packaging operation. This machine is responsible for the actual process of wrapping or bagging the candies. 

This tool can automatically fill and seal various types of pouches, pillow bags, quad-seal bags, stick packs, and more. This custom candy packaging system is designed to ensure a fast and efficient packaging process for your product.

Our bagging machines are equipped with features that guarantee the creation of effective and high-quality seals, ensuring the safety and freshness of your products. They are also flexible and can accommodate a range of bag sizes, allowing you to package different batches or varieties of candies without any issues.

By choosing our VFFS baggers, you can rely on the automation and precision of the machines to package your candies swiftly and effectively. Our goal is to provide you with an automated system and packaging solution that meets your specific requirements and ensures the quality and presentation of your products. 

4. Flow Wrapper

Flow wrapper systems are specifically designed to streamline your packaging operation, ultimately reducing complexity and lowering maintenance costs while minimizing downtime. By implementing our flow wrapper systems, you can experience a significant increase in packaging speed, leading to higher profits for your business.

The advantages of these wrapper systems go beyond speed and financial gains. These systems also enhance packaging accuracy and consistency, ensuring that your candy packages maintain a visually appealing and professional appearance and meet customers’ expectations.

Furthermore, they contribute to sustainability efforts by helping reduce packaging waste in your factory. By optimizing the packaging process, these systems minimize the environmental impact associated with excessive waste production.

5. Outfeed Conveyor

Once the candies have been wrapped or bagged, it is essential to have an efficient system in place to move them out of the packaging area, allowing space for the next batches to take their place. It is where an outfeed conveyor plays a crucial role. This candy box packaging system can prevent any jamming or bottlenecks in the packaging process.

We offer a range of outfeed conveyor solutions, including turntables and conveyors of various sizes. These systems are designed to accommodate diverse needs, ensuring candies’ smooth and uninterrupted movement in the packaging line. They can be purchased as a complete system or as individual components, providing flexibility to suit your specific requirements.

Our outfeed conveyor systems are built to optimize the packaging process, ensuring a continuous flow of candies without any obstructions. By effectively managing the movement of wrapped or bagged candies, these automated packaging systems maintain efficiency and productivity in your candy packaging operation.

Plan IT Packaging Can Take Care of Your Packaging Needs

We understand your needs, which is why we designed packaging systems that meet these specific requirements. We also customize based on your inputs and requests, so you can guarantee that the equipment and systems we design can fully optimize your operation. 

Work with Plan IT Packaging to deliver quality, fresh, and top-of-the-line products to your customers. Our customized automated systems can get this done for you. Call us now for free product consultation. 

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