Top 5 Reasons Why Snack Manufacturers Rely on Pouch Bags

Technology has revolutionized the use of packaging in manufacturing industries. What once was a novelty has become a demand for food packaging. Introducing pouch bags into the packaging industry was a breakthrough, and they became one of the most preferred packaging options for every product sector. 

It is used in food, health, beauty, and pet foods. Chemicals, household cleaning products, various automotive substances, and more use them conveniently. 

Products developed in multiple forms with different properties, like solids, liquids, and semi-solids ranging from soft to weak, rigid to sturdy, can be contained in bags. That’s why every manufacturer, such as the food sector, prefers to use them for their snack lines.

Read on to learn more about pouch bags and how they’re helping snack manufacturers keep ahead of their competitors. 

Understanding The Common Types and Applications

Snack products are packed on various packaging equipment. It explains why they come in different presentations, packed and customized according to each product’s specifications and requirements. Visuals, branding, and shelf display are fantastic in stores and on shelves, and this is all because of the incredible result of using the best packaging, like pouches. 

Pouches come in different types with varying capabilities. It is adaptable and flexible for any product with the use and application of an appropriate packaging machine that forms, fills, seals, and packages the product.

These assembly processes and the type of pouches you use are essential to achieving the best result for the intended product. 

What Type of Pouch Bags Should You Use

Customized pouches are stand-out options for flexible packaging and are so popular in the food industry, especially for snack products. You can pick the size, shape, prints, and design. You can also get a customized pouch type with a unique specification for a specific product.

It is crucial to determine the correct specifications before deciding which pouches to use. For example, a microwaveable product should use a microwave-safe retort pouch to withstand pressure, thermal processing, and shelf stability.  

Similarly, if your product needs a layer of safety and sturdiness, high-barrier bags of pouches made with PET, aluminum, and LDPE are necessary to protect your product from moisture, oxygen, and UV lights. You can also customize the thickness of the foil as an added control to prevent contamination.

Accordingly, if your product must be displayed in a supermarket or a specialized shop, attract your target customers. Use printable, slick-looking stand-up pouches generously sized from single servings or small items with a small pouch bag up to the most oversized bag for bulk packaging solutions.

Why Use Pouch Packaging on Snack Foods

There are many compelling reasons why food manufacturers consider using snack pouch packaging. And here are the top 5 on the list:

1. Versatility

Bag pouches come in various shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials. It is customizable to meet the specialized requirements of multiple products, making them excellent for the food industry, particularly snack foods, with its ability to hold liquids, solids, and powders. 

Also, pouch packaging offers producers a flexible option that fits a specific customer requirement for ease and convenience, like putting tear notches or hanger holes. Also, their flexible shape allows retailers to display larger quantities in their stores that can reach a broader customer base. 

Thanks also to advancing modern packaging equipment that provides easy assembly and filling solutions using pouches as packaging for every product.

2. Extended Shelf Life

Food spoilage is a naturally occurring process, but using multiple layered materials provides a barrier that gives excellent protection and hinders early product deterioration. It makes the product safe through its rigid materials, maintaining its quality, and extending the shelf life, especially for perishable goods. 

An insulated snack pouch preserves freshness and maintains product integrity, making them ideal for products that require long-term storage or transportation. These products appeal most to consumers who always expect that products are fresh and in good condition upon purchase.

3. Cost-effective

Manufacturers save on using foil pouches without sacrificing quality and convenience. It is less than half cheaper than most common packaging options making it the least expensive among other materials. Aside from the low cost, manufacturers’ savings come from: 

  • Savings on secondary packaging because it fits more numbers of units than bottles, jars, and rigid plastics. A hundred bags pouches can snugly fit in a small box compared to a hundred glass bottles, jars, or plastic bottles that need ample space.
  • Because of their printable ability, pouches need not use paper labels for labeling and presenting the product.
  • Pouches are puncture-resistant, thus avoiding product leaks, off orders, and product returns.
  • Storage space and transport savings: the reduced weight of stand-up pouches make the products more economical to stack and transport.
  • Because of their fill flexibility, manufacturers can save on purchasing multiple filling machines for different packaging sizes. 

4. Lightweight and Space-efficient

Reusable snack pouches are typically light, which allows retailers to display and carry more units. This feature is making them popular among retailers and consumers who value portability. Reusable pouches occupy less space than traditional packaging options like rigid containers or boxes.

Therefore, manufacturers can ship more products with fewer resources, resulting in cost savings. It makes pouch packaging an excellent choice for transportation and storage. 

5. Convenience and Consumer Appeal

Its resealable zippers or spouts allow easy opening and closing to enhance convenience for manufacturers and consumers. Spout drink pouches are a popular alternative to bottled drinks, and they are way more convenient and user-friendly than typical products. 

Additionally, snack pouches often feature attractive designs and printing capabilities, enhancing product visibility and brand recognition and attracting even non-product users.

Streamline Your Snack Products, Use Snack Bags

Manufacturers look for ways to improve their production processes to make them more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. And one of the most effective ways to ensure that they can sustain and compete in the market is to use flexible pouch packaging for their snack products.

The cutting-edge advantage the customers will benefit from is equal to the business’s success. So be at the forefront and take advantage of the benefits of packaging and pouch bags. Plan It Packaging Systems stands by, ready to help with your packaging needs. Contact us now for a free consultation. 

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