Two ROTOBAGGER™ Machines and One Happy Customer!

Two RotoBaggers and One Happy Customer!

Our customer in Michigan have just taken their packaging game to the next level with the delivery of their second ROTOBAGGER™ machine packaging line. They first got their hands on one of our machines back in August of last year, which was used to package their delicious gummies.

And now, with the addition of a second machine, they’re able to package a jaw-dropping 40,000 bags per 8-hour shift! It’s truly amazing to see a company experience such rapid growth in such a short period of time, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in their success.

As their trusted partner, we were able to provide them with packaging machinery that would last for a long time and help take their production to the next level. 

Our Premade pouch machine is perfect for mid-level speeds and high production in 24/7 environments.  It can package between 30 and 50 bags per minute and comes equipped with a range of features to make packaging a breeze. 

These include a horizontal bag magazine for easy pouch loading, automatic servo changeover for different bag widths, and optional extras like an automatic zipper opening device, gas flush, bag shaker for product leveling, and inkjet printer for lot code and best-before-date printing. 

It’s no wonder that Plan It Packaging Group has achieved the most successful ROTOBAGGER installation for bagging infused gummies — our machines are truly the best in the business!

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