How to Pack a Kitchen Staple: Frozen Mixed Vegetables


Frozen mixed vegetables are a kitchen staple for families on the go, offering convenience without compromising nutrition. Our Rotobagger system ensures that these essential ingredients are packaged flawlessly, ready to be effortlessly incorporated into any meal.

Our premade pouch packaging machine, The Rotobagger has been tailored for packaging premium frozen mixed vegetables with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our ELITEWEIGH Multi-head Weigher ensures that each serving is weighed before entering the packaging stages. Meticulously filling and sealing each bag, our system guarantees freshness and preserves the product’s quality and cold temperature.

Finally, The CheqWeigher Machine verifies the weight of every final package, swiftly identifying and rejecting any deviations. This ensures that you receive only the finest, accurately weighed products, ready for distribution.