How We Pack Bulk Grass Seed


Bulk grass seed is essential for landscapers and gardening enthusiasts alike, providing the foundation for lush greenery. Our Rotobagger system ensures that this vital commodity is packaged flawlessly, ready for seeding projects of any scale.

The premade pouch packaging machine, The Rotobagger, specially designed for packaging bulk grass seed with unrivaled precision and efficiency. Utilizing gas flushing technology, our bags are filled with product in a mess-free manner, ensuring cleanliness throughout the process.

ELITEWEIGH Multi-head Weigher guarantees accurate weighing of each serving before it enters the packaging stage. With meticulous filling and sealing, our system preserves the integrity of the grass seed, maintaining its quality and viability.

Our innovative CheqWeigher Machine verifies the weight of every final package, swiftly identifying and rejecting any discrepancies. This ensures that you receive only the finest, accurately weighed grass seed pouches, ready for distribution.