PLAN IT Packaging – Horizontal Form Fill & Seal and Pre-made Pouch Packaging Machine All in One


Introducing PLAN IT Packaging Systems’ groundbreaking packaging machine, designed with our customers in mind. Our innovative system offers dual functionality, allowing users to choose between two different modes tailored to their packaging production needs:

Mode 1: Experience the efficiency of our Horizontal Form Fill and Seal machine. Seamlessly integrating the forming, filling, and sealing processes into a single system, this fully servo-driven machine delivers versatility like never before. Whether it’s stand-up DOY pouches, 3-sided or 4-sided seal pouches with zipper closures, or uniquely shaped pouches requiring die cuts, our machine handles it all with precision. Plus, it’s equipped to insert a corner rigid spout, ensuring comprehensive packaging solutions.

Mode 2: Embrace flexibility with the Premade Pouch module. This module effortlessly opens, fills, and seals a wide array of zipper and non-zipper bags and pillows, including 3-side or 4-side seal options, as well as stand-up pouches (SUP, SURP, DOY). With this module, customers enjoy the convenience of using premade bags.

But the benefits don’t end there. Our modular design allows for easy progression. Begin with the Premade Pouch module and seamlessly upgrade to the Horizontal Form Fill and Seal module as your needs evolve, ensuring future-proof packaging solutions that grow with your business.