PLAN IT Packaging Systems – ECOBAGGER™ Pro Linear Pre Made Pouch Packaging Machine


Introducing our newly designed pouch packaging machine! 🎉ECOBAGGER™ Pro!! Are you in need of a packaging solution for your growing business? Look no further! Our sleek and efficient machine is perfect for businesses with medium-level production needs. Here’s what makes our packaging machine stand out: ✅ Robust and Reliable: We’ve designed it to be tough and durable, so you can count on it for the long haul. ✅ Easy to Use: We’ve made sure it’s user-friendly, so you can operate it with ease and convenience. ✅ Compact and Cost-Efficient: It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s budget-friendly. ✅ Safety First: We’ve built safety features into it to ensure a secure working environment. ✅ Modern Touch Screen: This machine is equipped with a sleek 15″ touch screen for effortless operation. And the best part? It’s capable of producing up to 2000 pouches per hour, boosting your production to a whole new level! Get in touch with PLAN IT Packaging Systems, the experts in weighing and bagging equipment. Let us help you take your packaging to the next level!