PLAN IT Packaging Systems Inc. – Automatic Flow Wrap Line for Packaging Chocolate Bars


Our automated flow wrapping lines FP 95 from Tecno Pack for chocolate bars offer a seamless packaging solution. You’ll enjoy a smooth process from start to finish, thanks to our high-quality equipment, which includes: A row receiving conveyor that ensures your bars are properly aligned for packaging. A speed belt and aligner that speeds up the process while maintaining accuracy. A row distributing conveyor that distributes your bars evenly for efficient packaging. A product turner that allows the product to turn to proper orientation with ease Smart belts that use low-touch technology to prevent damage to your bars when transferring to the flow wrapper A high-speed flow wrapper that quickly and accurately packages your bars. With our automated flow wrapping lines, you can streamline your packaging process and achieve consistent, high-quality results every time. PLAN IT Packaging systems always delivers!