PLAN IT Packaging Systems Inc. EcoBagger Premade Pouch Machine Packaging Rice


At PLAN IT Packaging Systems, we’re proud to offer the EcoBagger premade pouch machine – the perfect solution for packaging your rice quickly and easily into stand-up premade zippered pouches! Our state-of-the-art pre-made packaging system is fully automated, which means it takes care of everything from weighing your rice to filling and sealing your stand-up pouches. With our ELITEWEIGH 4 head Net Linear Weigher and EcoBagger premade pouch machine, you can rest assured that your rice will be packaged accurately and efficiently every time. Plus, our floor stand and Z-bucket conveyor with bulk hopper make the process even more convenient for you. With the ability to package up to 1200 pouches per hour, our pre-made packaging system is the perfect choice for busy customers who need to get the job done fast. Choose PLAN IT Packaging and experience hassle-free packaging at its best!