PLAN IT Packaging Systems Inc RotoBagger Premade Pouch Machine Weighing & Packaging Chocolate 70ppm


At PLAN IT Packaging Systems, we’re excited to introduce our industry-leading fully automated duplex rotary pre-made pouch bagging packaging machine – the perfect solution for companies looking to package chocolates in stand-up pouches with zipper! Our cutting-edge pre made pouch packaging line is designed to make the process as easy and efficient as possible, with features like our highly accurate ELITEWEIGH 20 Head multi-head weigher, platform, and sanitary inclined conveyor with loading bulk hopper. With our fully automated solution, you can rest assured that your chocolates will be packaged perfectly every time, without any hassle or fuss. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means that we’re always looking for ways to improve our packaging systems and make your experience even better. Trust PLAN IT Packaging Systems for all your packaging automation needs and experience the best in the business!