PLAN IT Packaging Systems MARS COMPAK™ VFFS Up to 80ppm


PLAN IT Packaging Systems With a mechanical speed of up to 80ppm, the MARS COMPAK™ VFFS vertical form fill and seal is ideal for high-volume operations. The machine is designed to be robust and easy to use, making it a reliable solution for companies that are looking to automate their packaging processes. The ELITEWEIGH™ 14-head weigher is a key component of this machine, providing precise and consistent weighing of your products. This ensures that your packages are filled accurately and consistently, helping to reduce waste and improve your bottom line. Overall, the MARS COMPAK™ vertical form fill and seal VFFS is an excellent choice for companies that need a reliable and efficient packaging solution. With its high-speed capabilities, accurate weighing system, and user-friendly design, this machine can help you streamline your operations and improve your packaging process.