PLAN IT Packaging Systems Mars XL Vertical Form Fill & Seal Bagger for Large Popcorn Bags w/ Zipper


Get ready for the ultimate popcorn packaging experience with PLAN IT Packaging Systems Inc’s VFFS (vertical form fill and seal) bagger! This state-of-the-art packaging line will weigh and package your favorite snack into large, perfectly formed bags. The packaging line includes everything you need to get started, including the incredible Mars XL Vertical form fill and seal bagger that can package up to 40 bags per minute and up to 20″ wide! Plus, the ELITEWEIGH 14 head Multihead weigher with large 5.5L buckets ensures that your popcorn or other snack is accurately weighed and filled to perfection. Safety is our top priority, which is why we’ve included a Mezzanine with ladder and rails to hold the multihead weigher and ensure minimal vibration. And with the Exit Conveyor, you can take the finished sealed package of popcorn from the VFFS packaging machine with ease. But that’s not all! Our Zipper applicator automatically applies the zipper on the roll of film, reducing costs significantly compared to having the zipper pre-applied. Get your popcorn ready because this packaging line is a game-changer!