PLAN IT Packaging Systems ROTOBAGGER™ ELITEWEIGH™ Packaging & Weigh Infused Gummies into Premade Pouch


At PLAN IT Packaging Systems, we understand that packaging infused gummies can be a complex and delicate process. That’s why we’re proud to offer our ROTOBAGGER™ packaging solution, a industry leading rotary style bagging packaging machine, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of infused gummy manufacturers. Equipped with our advanced 14 ELITWEIGH™ head multihead weigher and a secondary check, our system can efficiently package your infused gummies into pre-made pouches with the highest level of accuracy and speed. With the ability to run at 40 pouches per minute, our system ensures that your products are packaged with care and precision. Our commitment to quality and performance ensures that our machines are reliable and user-friendly, helping you to meet your production goals with ease. Let us help you take your infused gummy packaging to the next level, exceed your expectations, and deliver the delicious taste of perfectly packaged gummies to your customers.