PLAN IT Packaging Systems ROTOBAGGER™ Pre made Pouch ELITEWEIGH™ 14 Head Weigher for Packaging Almonds


At PLAN IT Packaging Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions that meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a customer in Montreal, Canada, who needed to package almonds and nuts for Costco. We provided them with our state-of-the-art packaging machine and pre-made pouch system, capable of producing up to 40 finished packages per minute. Our complete bagging packaging system is composed of several key components, including the ROTOBAGGER™, a industry leading rotary pre made pouch bagging machine, which automates the opening and sealing of pre-made stand-up pouches with zippers. We also provided our PLAN IT ELITEWEIGH™ 14 head multi-head weigher, which accurately weighs and fills the almonds and nuts into the bags, even when dealing with sticky products thanks to its dimpled design. To facilitate easy access to the weighing machine, we included a platform with a ladder and stairs.

Additionally, we incorporated a vibratory feeding system to efficiently feed the almonds and nuts into the multi-head weigher, and our PLAN IT CheQweigh checkweigher provides a secondary weight check to ensure the accuracy of each package. Finally, we added a metal detector to identify any metal from the finished sealed package. At PLAN IT Packaging Systems, we’re committed to delivering innovative packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our partnership with this customer in Montreal is just one example of our ability to provide leading-edge packaging solutions to companies around the world.