PLAN IT Packaging Systems ROTOBAGGER™ with 14 Head ELITEWIEGH™ Weigher for Packaging Trail Mix


Get ready to have your mind blown by PLAN IT Packaging Systems – the masters of cutting-edge technology and packaging wizardry! Recently, they delivered their latest and greatest packaging machine to one customer in Montreal, Canada. And what’s the lucky product getting the superstar treatment? None other than everyone’s favorite snack – trail mix for Costco! This amazing rotary bagging pre made pouch packaging system can churn out up to a mind-boggling 40 finished packages per minute – that’s like lightning-fast speed! And what’s inside this marvel of engineering? Let’s take a look: First up is the ROTOBAGGER™ – a rotary pre made pouch bagger, a beast of a packaging machine that can open and seal pre-made stand-up pouches with a zipper, automatically and with ease. Next up is the Plan IT ELITEWEIGH™ 14 head multi-head weigher – a marvel of precision engineering that can accurately weigh and fill trail mix into bags, even if the product is sticky or lumpy. Plus, it’s got dimples prevent products sticking to the contact surfaces!

To make things easy for the operators, there’s a platform with a ladder and stairs for easy access to the weighing machine for cleaning and maintenance. And to keep the trail mix flowing smoothly, there’s a vibratory feeding system that ensures a steady stream of product onto the multi-head weigher.

But that’s not all – the PLAN IT CheQweigh is a secondary weight check that ensures every package is filled to perfection. And to top it off, there’s a metal detector that guarantees there’s not even a speck of metal in the finished, sealed packages! It’s safe to say that PLAN IT Packaging Systems has knocked it out of the park with this amazing packaging system. Get ready to be take your business to the next level, folks!