PLAN IT Packaging Systems VFFS Vertical Form Fill & Seal MARS RAPID™ VFFS for Packaging Gummies


PLAN IT is here to revolutionize your packaging! We’re installing high-speed vertical form fill seal packaging system that can automatically package gummies into pillow packs at an impressive rate of 125 packs per minute. Our system includes the advanced PLAN IT 16 Head ELITEWEIGH™ Multihead Weigher with memory buckets for super-fast and accurate weighing. We’ve also got a Z-bucket conveyor to smoothly transport your gummies into the weigher.

Safety is a top priority, so we’ve set up a sturdy mezzanine with safety features that meet OSHA standards, including 150mm x 150mm posts, a safety ladder, and railings. This system can also package and weigh at high speed for applications such as cookies, snack foods, chocolate, frozen food etc.

With PLAN IT packaging, you’ll take your gummy packaging to the next level effortlessly. Upgrade your packaging machine with us today!